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If I find one more CB2 ceramic mug, bowl, or vase, I might lose my mind. While I get the urge to match the vibe of everything in your home to your off-white boucle couch, having everything ‘muted’ will drive you to insanity. You need to add some dimension and excitement to your home while still maintaining the aesthetic of your desire. To achieve this, we will get over your fear of mismatch with the support of Rosemary Home. 

Rosemary Home is a New York based online storefront carrying an evolving collection of unique vintage objects. With a focus on design and quality, items are sourced worldwide and restored when necessary. I tend to gravitate towards pieces from the 1960s to 1970s as this period breaks into non-conformist design reform, which challenges traditional expectations. Introducing a vase, set of teacups, jewelry box, or decanter from this period into your home will add necessary depth. 

Now, onto how to shop Rosemary Home. First, I suggest following them on Instagram. They post new additions and featured items daily. Once something catches your eye, head over to and secure your find! The website is straightforward to navigate, and I am sure you will find something you absolutely love! Consider browsing them on 1st Dibs as well, items listed have more detail in terms of story and time period compared to the website. Note, I would suggest checking out through their own website over 1st Dibs. 

My eye is on various vintage Ginori teacup sets. Ginori was founded in 1735 in Italy, and still today, all items are handcrafted here. They capitalize on their high quality, and instead of turning to mass production, they have strategically positioned their brand as “the Ferrari of porcelain”. I believe the company’s unique history and notable collaborations pursued with the overarching goal of providing the world with elegant and unique porcelain tableware make them the top contender. Therefore, my recommendation is first to create a small collection of beautiful teacups by Ginori to make your mornings more exciting. 

Honestly, how are you living if your home is not filled with eclectic vintage pieces? Even with a refined and neutral aesthetic, you need elements of surprise and fun! Happy shopping :)


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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