Legacy and Innovation with Zac Ridgley

Zac Ridgley and his work have been in my life for as long as I can remember. The connection started while my mom was in architectural school at the University of Toronto. Gordon Ridgley, Zac’s father, was the top residential architect in Canada, and in typical Dee Dee fashion, she embarked on a mission to learn from him before opening her own firm, Taylor Hannah Architect. She worked for Gordon for three years, and the main lesson learned was that you need to surround yourself with exceptional talent in their field, which is where Zac comes in. He became her go-to contact for all things lighting, and today, Zac adds uniqueness and creativity to almost all Taylor Hannah projects through his sculptural fixtures. 

Zac is the founder and leader of Ridgley Studio Works, a Toronto-based lighting studio that strives to combine beauty, innovation, sculpture, and function. Each design is highly unique by introducing materials not initially associated with lighting. Glass, onyx, mica, and mesh, to name a few, are utilized in unexpected ways to add excitement to your spaces. 

Head over to www.ridgelystudioworks.com to see some of the made-to-order pendants, sconces, and chandeliers. My personal favourites are the ray wall sconce and the criss-cross chandelier. While the website provides an extensive selection of finishes, there is always space to create something unique and personal. 

While launching my first collection, I knew Zac was an artist I wanted to collaborate with. While considering what a piece we would create, a table lamp was something he had not focused on, but I felt it would best meet the needs of my customers. We made the stacked table lamp, inspired by his stack LED chandelier. While it can be placed horizontal and vertical, it is the first of its kind to transition across the home, working on anything from a bedside table to a coffee table. While in this process, we also created two other lamps – the H and double-stacked table lamp for our home being built in the Bahamas. While here right now, it is extremely exciting to know these custom creations will be placed soon. Stay tuned for updates on this project through my Instagram! 


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