How to determine YOUR homes aesthetic

Most people consider their personal style as evolving inspired by a person, moment, or era. However, when it comes to our home, a sense of permeance leaves many confused on how to approach the task. How do you know what “aesthetic” direction to move in? Mid-century modern, industrial, bohemian? However, selecting a defined vibe is actually not necessary. To personalize your space, build each room around two to three key items; you will notice the rest will follow. 

These items need to be somewhat strategic because these should be considered your forever pieces. Just like an investment bag, it is advisable to pick something classic working in all stages of your life. However, a common misconception is that this should be the large furniture items, but depending on your space, this could be art, coffee table books, throw blanket or glassware. Remember, most often than not, these are existing pieces you already have – jumpstarting the process. 

Once these few items are selected, it is time to put the pieces together. Find inspiration that speaks to you, and this does not strictly have to be homes you find on Pinterest. It can be Instagram feeds, hotels, restaurants, buildings, or even specific designers. Group your inspiration into three categories coming up with your own defined vibe being specific as possible. Now, place your selected “forever pieces” with any relevant items in your space remaining the same, such as the floors, against the mood boards. Narrow down which one you and drawn to most, and you are off!

Here are some quick tips before you start browsing…. First, please measure. Measure probably five items. Getting something that does not match the required measurements is a nightmare and easily avoidable. Next, less is always better than more. It is hard to retract, but you can always add. Wait until you are fully settled before ordering anything unnecessary; you will save money and notice that additional “things” are not needed. A final quick tip is always to consider comfort, quality, and functionality! Looks can be deceiving, so if possible, go for yourself and see the item or get deep into the reviews. Overall, enjoy the process and have fun with it! I am always here if any questions pop up along the way.


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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