Customizations with Marbera Marble

Marbera specializes in custom marble furniture handmade in Italy and designed in Paris. They deal directly with all customers, so while they have a partnership selling with Claude Home, they encourage those interested to make a request through Instagram DM or email. This approach allows them to adapt to the current market while staying true to their craft. As a result, they have an opportunity to build relationships, trust, and engagement with their customers as they take the time to create something extraordinary for each client.
The motto of Marbera is to let the stone speak for itself; respecting the material used, they thoughtfully showcase its purity and simplicity. They are known for their use of onyx; however, travertine and marble are also central to their creations. While each piece is handmade, you have the opportunity for customizations but pulling directly from their catalogue is always a great option!
Now, if you are looking for a commissioned piece, simply approach them with a baseline idea of what you are looking for to guide their creative process of sourcing a stone to align with your needs. When considering adding a marble piece to your home, I always suggest making it a statement piece. The beauty and interest of marble is the fact that it is distinct and leaning into the bold, dynamic slabs is always worth it, in my opinion. While this is typically done through a feature wall, a less expensive and arguably more original way to do so is with a custom furniture piece. My dream marble addition at the moment would be onyx nightside tables or a grand antique marble dining table. When I have the opportunity to make this a reality, Marbera will the ones to do so.
Overall, when it comes to custom pieces, you want to have a strong relationship with those supporting your vision. Marbera, as a company that prioritizes client relations and craftsmanship, has created an environment where customers are integrated into the design and production process to showcase their art form, building appreciation and excitement. I know your experience with them will be nothing but positive and inspiring.

Curated with love,
Taylor Hannah Curation


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