My Story

Reimagining Design

Design trends have typically reacted slower to change compared to other industries, such as fashion. This delay has left the market to fail consumers presenting them with excessive options of poor quality and uninspired design. Without a story or mission home goods and furniture became viewed as disposable and temporary. Today, I am working to redefine the principles of design that are mindful of the current climate politically, environmentally, and socially. 

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My Mission

Accessible Curated Goods

My mission is to disrupt the design world through curated drops. I aim to challenge the industry and consumers to value sustainable, innovative and thoughtful home goods. Taylor Hannah Curation is about shifting our mindset to operate for the future.

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Since 2021

Constantly Evolving

Taylor Hannah Curation is structured to be reactive to our unpredictable world. By valuing timeless design, each limited edition run will contribute to your space serving your needs and reflecting your values. I believe the home goods market should provide you with access to items that can grow and evolve with you. Well crafted pieces will last a lifetime.

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