Three Steps to Wake Up Refreshed

For most, waking up on the right side of the bed does not just happen – it takes serious preparation. Today, I will provide you with three simple steps to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Step 1 – Do NOT hit snooze 

Ok let’s optimize how you are waking up – the default alarm on the iPhone is enough to set anyone over the edge. I seriously cannot think of a noise more annoying. However, I do not want my favorite song to be my alarm either as it kind of ruins it… My solution, the Sleep Cycle App. Simply download the free version and browse their relaxing sound to wake up to. Without being jolted awake by a terrifying alarm I feel as though my natural alarm clock woke me up!

Step 2 – Bring on the light

This is a hot take, but I don’t like serious black out blinds. Yes, I definitely like it very dark but sometimes blackout is a bit much specifically because if you do not immediately get your blinds open your body does not register it is time to get your day started. The best way I have combated this, introducing the Slip Sleep eye-mask into my life. I leave the blinds slightly open in my bedroom, then utilize the sleep mask to block out all artificial light. Once you hear your alarm, take off the eye-mask and take in that natural sunlight.

Step 3 – Leave your house

Commitments, even just to yourself, in the morning are the best way to ensure you wake up excited for the day ahead! I personally think leaving your house first thing in the morning, within an hour of your alarm going off, makes you feel accomplished, specifically in the winter. Ok, so where do I go when I leave the house? Typically, not far. The gym and coffee shop are my most common destinations but anywhere you want to go, GO! A healthy amount of pressure to get your day started before other demands get in the way is essential.

I hope with implementing these three small steps you notice a massive difference throughout your day. If not, I will have some more substantial purchasable suggestion coming your way!


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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