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VISO PROJECT provides the world with access to distinct objects produced in collaboration with expert artisans. The desire to support sustainable production through craftsmanship is at the core of my mission, and purchasing through VISO emulates this process. Founders David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues built VISO into a platform that works to bring craftmanship to contemporary items. They highlight the power of singular item collections to ensure excellence and spotlight artists in a thoughtful way. Originating in Spain, the two walked the city sourcing artisans and securing relationships to produce approachable yet exceptional work. Today, while artists are globally sourced, still many collaborations grounded in and inspired by the allure of Spanish design and architecture. 

With so many unique pieces to be found through VISO, the starting point for me is with the Mohair Blanket V01. VISO PROJECT notes the throw is only “handled by master carders, shearers, dyers and weavers to create the blanket unlike any other.” Following traditional weaving processes, which date back to the 15th century, the quality of the 50% Mohair and 50% wool throw is unparallel. Lightweight with high volume is perfect for all year round, and coming in at $500 USD everyday use is advisable. Colour-blocked with four unexpected neutrals, muted pink, orange, white and navy, I ensure you will find a space for this special throw in your bedroom!

In terms of design, my next throw pick is the VISO x Studio Gincarlo Valle collaboration of Mohair Blankets, with my personal favourite being V172. The hand-woven blanket has an untraditional sense of beauty working in any relaxed, understated space. The throws’ composition is reflexive of Valle, an award-winning New York-based designer who famously creates soft neutral interiors with a whimsical modernist undertone. Therefore, the choice to pair forest green and rust tones alongside soft cream, all in soft fluffy mohair, is quintessential of his style. However, the downfall of this throw is that VISO seriously upcharges for notable collaborations. While Studio Gincarlo Valle is very prominent, all items are almost double the cost of others produced by VISO without collaborating with a ‘recognizable name’. While the quality of these throws would be the same as others, since VISO sources the artists for production, this throw is more aspirational, in my opinion, than purchasable…


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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