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Founder Elise Balzac, who is French-born and Sydney-based, has provided the world with handmade, playful, delicate, and elegant 'objects for the home'. The shining star of the collection is the carafe and glass. I am not sure why this is more common in North America. The French are pure geniuses for putting this on their nightstand for generations. Nonetheless, with Maison Balzac, you too can experience all the perks that come with having enough water right beside you. Let's be honest, the tragic feeling of having to get out of bed, hungover specifically, in the morning when you need water is almost too much and simply avoidable with the help of Maison Balzac.

The carafe and glass currently come in eleven different colour options but consistently refresh with each new collection. I recently convinced my parents to go off to order an excessive amount, and let me tell you; they are honestly life-changing… Order according to your sleeping situation – one per person and choose a colour that subtlety ties in with your bedroom's overarching colour scheme.

While you are probably already browsing the website, I suggest exploring the candles and incense, which were the original products launched in 2012, inspired by sharing her childhood memories. Shortly after, in 2015, glassware was added, inspired by the nostalgia of dinner tables set by her mother and grandmother. Each collection is meant to foster customer's creativity while bringing pure joy into their homes.

As a female-founded small business, which has experienced exceptional growth over the past two years, this brand should be celebrated for its dynamic and innovative home decor approach. Everything they have to offer is intuitive, making you as a consumer feel connected to their mission of creating a beautiful handmade piece that thoughtfully fits into your space.


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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