Rashelle's Rugs: Mood Changer and Motivator

The overall message of the article Three Steps to Wake Up Refreshed was to implement simple measures to ensure you are getting up and out of bed immediately. No scrolling, no snoozing. However, as promised, a more substantial, purchasable solution is coming your way – Rashelle’s hand-tufted rugs. You might be confused, but soon it will become clear these rugs will enhance your mood and consistently motivate you to take advantage of the day ahead.  

Some background, Rashelle is a Nehiyaw Iskwew multidisciplinary designer who challenges mainstream expectations. Through her hand-tufted rugs, she has showcased the potential for unconventional shapes, sizes, and colours to breakdown rigid expectations. Her designs thoughtfully push us to embrace the most authentic version of ourselves. Now, as I am sure you are set on purchasing one of Rashelle’s unique pieces, let me suggest how to best introduce them into your space to optimize their mood-improving abilities. 

Starting with my absolute favourite, the three-piece flub coaster set. These on a nightside table to set your phone, water glass, or candle will seamlessly organize your nightstand essentials in a cozy and exciting way. They are sold as a set of three for $50. Note, they typically sell out fast, so make a move right when you see the launch! 

Next on the roster is the bathmat size. These rugs are perfect to put beside your bed or in front of your sink. They are fluffy and fun, making your feet feel spoiled every time. This rug size will act as an accent piece adding depth and warmth to your space. While still relatively small, do not shy away from the dramatic colour pallet; specifically, when placed in a neutral setting, it can add the perfect pop of colour. 

Rashelle has transformed rugs beyond their ‘traditional function,’ presenting them as functional art. Be open to utilizing rugs in ways you would not have expected – on the floor, table or wall showcases the possibilities to improve your mood and foster creativity. Follow @rashelle.ca to stay up to date on all her work and check out her website www.rashelle.ca to discover where you can purchase her items today. 


Curated with love, 

Taylor Hannah Curation 


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