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Everyone is talking about what they carry in their purse during the day, what skincare essentials they keep on their vanity, but why not what you put on your nightstand? The few items you pick to put there are automatically considered the holy grail essentials to elevate your sleep, and I will list exactly what you should be prioritizing. As the surface area is limited, and clutter is not appealing to anyone, I suggest limiting yourself to four critical items. 

The first is water. While, as I noted in a previous blog, a Maison Balzac carafe and glass is the ideal situation, however, any glass will do. While perhaps not practical, in my house, we use our crystal glasses, transforming the aesthetic of the nightstand to be elegant and fun. It might seem unnecessary, but utilizing something “special” adds luxury to your life in a small but impactful way. In the market for something fun, I suggest the Luisa Beccaria Duccio Tumbler

Next up is a good book. As you will shortly see from my recommendations, I enjoy fast-pace fiction. If reading a book for enjoyment, I am going to ensure I will not be bored. Some books on my list are A Glass Hotel, People we Meet on Vacation, and Afterparties: Stories. Something extremely engaging is necessary to ensure I pick the book over Netflix. 

The third is serious business – a jewelry holder. I am the type of person to take off essentially everything, and putting it in a safe place that is easy to put back on in the morning eliminates the “where are my rings” panic. The perfect item for this is a tray or dish, depending on the amount of jewelry in question. Jonathan Adler does a great job when it comes to trays, or vintage Hermès if looking for something more lux. 

Onto candles, because what are you doing if you don’t light a candle to set the mood each night. I am genuinely nuts about my candles, and finding the perfect scent is a challenging task. Lucky, I have tested out almost every company to provide you with the rundown. When lighting something before bed, you want the scent to be clean and sublet – nothing too overpowering. For example, to set the mood, I would die for Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Candle, but it is too much before falling asleep. For bedtime, my top three picks are Aesop Callippus Aromatique CandleLe Labo Calone 17, and LOHN Zima Candle

I hope these picks help you elevate your nightstand and improve the functionality and aesthetic of your space. Remember, your nightstand should reflect you! 


Curated with love,

Taylor Hannah Curation


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