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Linen sheets have become increasingly popular in North America over the past five years. However, they have been at the center of European families for generations, passed down as an heirloom. While I am over here losing my mind over which china I will inherit, linen sheets have the same effect among many European families. However, before diving in, I suggest reading my article “Cotton vs Linen Sheets” to determine which fibre meets all your sleep needs. Now, if linen is the winner, please continue!

First of all, finding a bedding company that meets my standards of production is challenging. Many companies today use misleading tag lines to divert where materials are sourced from and manufactured. Blends with synthetic materials are marketed as innovative without noting the environmental repercussion of the carbon-intensive process. The final ‘red flag’ is that poor sleep quality reported due to synthetics lack of breathability is forgiven due to the sheets ‘softness’ and ‘affordability’. I can help you avoid all of this. I have vetting and sourced the best of the best, and for linens this is LAST LIGHT Collection.

LAST LIGHT Collection, a female-founded Canadian company, embraces tradition and supports artisans who specialize in sustainable 100% linen production. LAST LIGHT linen is sourced from premium grade flax grown in Western Europe, spun from fibre into yarn in Italy and woven into fabric by a family-run factory in Portugal. Each stage of production is fully transparent and emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

Janine, the founder of LAST LIGHT, follows the philosophy that objects should provide a sense of renewal. Through the stone-washed linen bedding collection, you will experience the beauty of ethical production. Working in textiles for over 16 years before launching LAST LIGHT gave her the time and space to build a collection that will last a lifetime.

Coming up next, I will feature where you should be purchasing cotton sheets from.


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