The Story

Taylor Hannah Curation is a Gen-Z-driven product line, capturing a dynamic interaction between the present and future of luxury interior design. Born from the brand Taylor Hannah Architect, founded by my mom, Dee Dee Taylor Hannah, I am navigating the brand towards a new online space of interior design to create a sustainable legacy.

Legacy is central to my mission. Those who are experts in their craft have a respect for the past and present in order to operate for the future. This is why my mom’s thirty-years of experience is critical to Taylor Hannah Curation. Together we aspired to see timeless design be obtainable, and now through my curated collections we see our goal becoming reality. This achievement is guided by our ethos which is grounded in our mission to re-create space in the industry for local producers, artisans and small businesses. Each collaboration is carried out with purpose to provide you as the consumer insider access to thoughtful creatives. Introducing pieces into your space which have a compelling and important story is critical in order for your home to reflect who you are, and aspire to be.


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